Gareth Johnson
Gareth Johnson
Updated on October 4, 2021

There are over 5000 cryptocurrencies presently available on the market. The most popular cryptos among them are Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Litecoin LTC, and altcoins like Bitcoin Cash BCH, Ethereum Classic ETH, Ripple XRP, Monero, Dash, and more and all of them are earnable either through mining or purchasing. 

But what if we told you a way that allows you to put some of these coins in your pocket without purchasing, mining, or trading bitcoins? Yes, you’re reading this right, there are ways to earn crypto for free, the only thing you’ll need to invest is a little time.

If you’re a beginner and don’t want to spend real money on cryptocurrencies or don’t have the necessary skills and hardware to mine your own, then this article is for you.

Keep reading to find out the different legit ways to earn free crypto without having to mine Bitcoin or go out of pocket.

We’ll also include some tips about cloud mining, which is an inexpensive alternative to traditional crypto mining. 

But before we start with our guide on how to get free Bitcoin, let’s first cover the basics.

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency – the first one in existence. Bitcoin came into existence in 2009, and many would argue that its creation was a direct consequence of the 2008 market crash where people lost their assets overnight in private and government-backed banks. 

It was conceptualized and created by the pseudonymous developer Satoshi Nakamoto, though there are rumors that they are not a single person but a whole development team going by this name. It 

Bitcoin offers drastically lower fees than traditional online payment systems but the biggest advantage that it has is that it’s completely decentralized. What this means is that it’s not influenced by any central authorities like governments or central banks, and isn’t prone to crashes or inflation like government-issued currencies such as the US dollar USD or Euro EUR.

Bitcoin standing on pink and green background

Although Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, the success and the worldwide user acceptance it achieved motivated other developers to create their own cryptocurrencies that are now available and widely utilized on the crypto market.

Bitcoin is powered by a decentralized public ledger called a blockchain that keeps data and records from every Bitcoin transaction ever conducted. The blockchain system collects data in groups, and these groups are called blocks. Each block has a memory limit and when that memory is filled, the block is added to the chain of previous blocks while a new one takes its place.

Now that we have this short overview of what Bitcoin actually is, let’s focus a bit on Bitcoin mining to hopefully help you get a better understanding of the blockchain system.

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is a process in which transaction records are added to the blockchain. The blockchain’s main purpose is to confirm conducted transactions to the rest of the network. The computers and devices that run the blockchain network are called nodes. These nodes use the blockchain to separate legit Bitcoin transactions from users who attempt to double-spend, that is, spend coins that have already been spent somewhere else.

Bitcoin mining is designed to be demanding and resource-consuming to ensure the blocks are filled at a steady pace. The blocks have to have a proof-of-work verification to be considered valid. The proof-of-work is verified by all other nodes on the network every time a block is received. Each miner has to verify 1MB of transaction data to fill up the block.

Bitcoin mining works by miners adding blocks of information to the blockchain by solving difficult mathematical problems. These mathematical problems cannot be solved by hand and require great amounts of electrical and computational power. Every miner competes to be the first one to solve the problem and fill up a block with data, as the first one who solves the mathematical equation will add the block to the blockchain. Their answer will then spread among the network but they will be the one that gets the block reward in the form of Bitcoin. 

On a daily basis, a block is filled every 10 minutes, but the thing that keeps Bitcoin from not being mined in the next couple of days is the halving of the block reward. Approximately every 4 years the block reward is halved. In the beginning, the reward was 50 BTC, then later 25, etc.

It is estimated that the last Bitcoin mined will be in the year 2140.

This was just a light overview of Bitcoin mining we felt was appropriate as an intro to our current topic – how to earn Bitcoin without mining. We finally got to the fun part.

How to Earn Free Bitcoin

There are many ways to earn Bitcoin without mining and several ways in which you can get free Bitcoin. 

Woman smiling holding bitcoin

A small disclaimer; some of the ways listed will indeed show you how to get free Bitcoin through faucets, airdrops, etc, but there will be others that will require a fiat currency investment in exchange for Bitcoin through cloud mining or mining pools.

First of all, we’ll start with Crypto exchange giveaways and Bitcoin faucets, then work our way up from free to paid methods.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

This one shouldn’t be of any difficulty. Crypto exchanges like Coinbase and Binance are what’s predominantly used to buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies but often offer a daily giveaway of crypto to their users. To be eligible, you only need to have an account. 

Crypto exchanges function like stores for cryptocurrencies. There, you can buy cryptocurrencies with other cryptocurrencies or with regular fiat money, your proceeds from crypto faucets can be converted to other crypto or into fiat money, and you can even purchase coins with a credit card – the most modern way of purchasing crypto.

Binance is one of the world’s leading crypto exchanges. They offer a wide range of cryptocurrencies for you to trade, sell, exchange, and more. They also offer a free daily giveaway of up to $100.000, daily airdrops for social media posting, and a prize contest for trading altcoins that goes up to $50.000. Basically, this is a way to earn some free money even while you sleep, you just have to be lucky enough to get picked.

Another way to utilize the exchanges is by participating in affiliate programs. These crypto exchanges often offer some type of affiliate program that requires you to share or refer the exchange to other users, as well as promote them on social media. In return, you receive crypto as payment or reward, which means you’re getting paid to promote the exchange. Users of some crypto affiliate programs also have access to crypto promotional codes in order to give the potential users further motivation to sign up.  

What Are Bitcoin Faucets?

Bitcoin faucets are websites or mobile apps that give away or reward small amounts of free coins and Bitcoin rewards in return for completing menial tasks like completing captchas, watching videos, completing surveys, playing Bitcoin games, and more. 

These applications or websites are called faucets because of the small amounts of crypto they leak to users participating in their activities, like a faulty faucet leaking in the sink in your backyard. Most faucets leak crypto in satoshis, which is the smallest amount of Bitcoin. The satoshi is a 0.0000001 part of one whole Bitcoin or in fiat money about a cent. 

Bitcoin faucets were invented to spread the good word about cryptocurrencies. The Bitcoin developer and crypto enthusiast Gavin Andersen created the first faucet with this in mind. The first faucet rewards were 5 free BTC, although in those days their value was just a fraction of their current value, which is why now the reward is much less.

Vector illustration of bitcoin faucet attached to store with graph inside and businessman leaning against

Some faucets have a minimum payout threshold meaning that you have to gather a designated amount of satoshis before you can withdraw them to your Bitcoin wallet by providing your wallet address when you sign-up or exchange them for fiat and wire them directly to your debit card through your bank account. 

This is not an instantaneous event – some faucets have high thresholds that take weeks or even months to reach. Of course, there are some that can be met if you just spend a couple of hours toying around with the tasks that will be assigned to you, but their payout is usually smaller.

All in all, Bitcoin faucets are a great way for getting some free money online. We’ll list some of the best Bitcoin faucets below that are both reliable and popular. We recommend you stick with faucets that are verified and with a high user count. There are many new Bitcoin sites that offer bigger rewards but these are likely to be scams and it’s easy for someone that’s a beginner to fall into their trap.


Cointiply is one of the highest-paying and most popular Bitcoin faucets on the internet. The thing that makes it stand out is its multiplier, which goes up to x61 to the current number of coins you have in your wallet. You can earn BTC on Cointply by completing surveys, watching videos, doing random daily tasks, and more. 

They also include an annual loyalty bonus if you keep your coins in their wallet for over the duration of a year, offer reward points for daily tasks, and they have fast responding customer support. This faucet is available for Android devices only, so if you’re an iOS user, you’ll need to go for a different option.

Bitcoin Aliens

Bitcoin Aliens is a crypto faucet that awards free cryptocurrency to its users for playing elementary mobile games. It supports both Bitcoin and Ethereum. This faucet is one of the oldest ones out there – it has been around since 2014. Their minimum payout threshold is 10.000 satoshis and you can earn about a quarter of a dollar daily, though that depends on how much and how often you play these games. Unlike Cointply, this faucet is available on both Android and on iOS devices.

Faucet Crypto

Faucet Crypto is a Bitcoin earning site that’s favored by RPG (Role Playing Game) fans. This mining site offers RPG mechanics and other interesting features in its design like different items that increase your stats and provide different types of bonuses to your account. They offer an option for direct withdrawals, a referral commission of 20%, and a leveling system that permanently boosts the rewards you receive for playing. 

Moreover, they are suitable for users who wish to try out different kinds of cryptocurrencies as they sport a wide selection like; Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Dash, BitTorrent, and many more altcoins for you to choose from.

Bitcoin Games

There are different Bitcoin games that you can take part in that give out free cryptocurrency when you play them. To reap the rewards, you just need to link your Bitcoin address and start playing immediately. 

Mobile phone with white screen leaning against gold bitcoin on red background

These games are often simple – most of them are played on websites while others as apps on smartphones, and playing them usually means completing daily challenges of collecting crypto through the game mechanics. Below we’ll list some of the most popular Bitcoin games for you to enjoy while earning some free crypto.

EOS Knight

EOS Knight is a popular crypto game that can be played either on a desktop or on mobile devices. This game uses collectibles as its core gameplay, which are stored on the EOS blockchain. The collectibles can be exchanged in-game through smart contracts.

Spells of Genesis

Spells of Genesis is a free game that’s played in an arcade-style and is available on macOS and on PC. The game operates by sending the player on a quest to gather collectibles that are stored on the Ethereum blockchain. You can exchange these collectibles for in-game artifacts that boost your character or sell them for crypto.

Altcoin Fantasy

Altcoin Fantasy is an educational game that teaches the player how to trade with different cryptos and rewards them with crypto for successfully progressing through the game’s challenges. The players are given amounts of virtual points that they can use to purchase different types of cryptocurrencies. This game’s user interface is modeled after the UI of real crypto exchanges. 

The game frequently hosts trading contests in which players can receive prizes. If a player manages to win a prize, they can exchange it for cryptos like Bitcoin or Ethereum. It’s free to play and it’s available on iOS and Android devices.


Airdrops is one of the easiest ways in which you can earn free crypto. Basically, airdrops are promotional rewards you get for promoting various cryptocurrency projects. People involved are given small tasks to complete and they receive small amounts of crypto for completing them. 

The reason that airdrops exist is to raise awareness and spread the word about cryptocurrencies to people who are not yet involved in the crypto game. People who want to earn free coins through airdrops usually promote crypto to their social media friends by sending them invites. The things required for airdrops are apps for mobile devices and a digital wallet. 

Free Bitcoin Mining

Although this article is focused on ways in which you can get free bitcoin without mining, we wanted to equip you with some knowledge of mining so you can get the full context. 

If you’re mining, is the crypto you’ll be getting free?

When it comes to traditional mining, the answer is no. In order to start mining crypto, or take part in a mining pool, you need a mining rig. A mining rig is a powerful computer that has sophisticated computational resources that must include either an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) or a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). This type of hardware is costly and can set you back hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. The thing to also keep in mind is the electricity bills that these rigs can rack up. When you take these two things into consideration, you’ll come to the conclusion that there’s nothing free about this. 

Pile of small gold bitcoins on white background

However, there is a type of mining that can be free. These days, it’s completely possible to mine Bitcoin through digital platforms like websites, apps, and different browsers on your computer and even on your mobile device. A small disclaimer, this method will yield far less crypto than the traditional mining approach. But the best part about this is that the process of mining is completely automatic so you can earn money while you’re doing your everyday tasks. This type of mining is called cloud mining.

The difference between pool mining and cloud mining is the equipment. With pool mining, you have to have your own rig to join other miners with their rigs to boost the computational power needed to get more crypto through the mining software. With cloud mining, you are basically renting someone’s rig on a mining platform and they pay you out with a portion of the crypto that was earned. 

These types of cloud mining could be free or quite cheap – you usually have to invest some money into the cloud mining operation but this is not a staggering cost going in the thousands.

Cloud Mining

Cloud mining is hosted by people who have special facilities created only for mining crypto. These groups of people have many mining rigs connected together in a “Bitcoin factory” of sorts. They allow people to be involved in mining without having their own rigs and high energy costs. Some of these factories have their own power sources like solar panels, small wind turbines, or even small hydro generators. The way you can be a part of cloud mining is by signing up for a subscription but also there are free cloud mining contracts you can enter.

Naturally, you are not the only one that joins these cloud mining groups so the crypto earned is not going directly in your pocket. Although the crypto yield is great with these groups, the actual crypto you receive is way less than you could have mined if you had your own mining rig. Nevertheless, cloud mining is a great way to earn some free money through third parties, especially when you can access it for free.

There are many different providers and sites for joining cloud mining but some of them are scams that won’t get you anything. So before you get into cloud mining, it’s always a good idea to do your diligence first, and research extensively. 

But fortunately for you, we did some of this legwork for you. The cloud mining sites that we’ll cover today have multiple payment plans or premiums, but they also always have a basic, free plan. With a free plan, the crypto rewards are notably smaller but you won’t have to spend a single cent.

Now let’s list some popular cloud mining sites for you to consider.

Cloud Mining Sites

Here is the list of a few sites we’ve chosen for earning some free crypto. Keep in mind that these have premium options so you can receive more crypto but, for your own safety, it’s better to stick with the free options. is a cloud mining provider whose mining servers are located in Iceland and Canada. They offer different subscription plans, 8 in total, ranging from free to premium plus. Each of these plans has a bonus that ranges from 5gh/s (Giga hashes per second) to 50gh/s, depending on your subscription status. This provider primarily mines Bitcoin but there are other cryptos that are on offer like Litecoin. is a cloud mining provider that has both free and paid options for users who want to take part in cloud mining. When you sign up for the first time, you’ll receive 2.500 satoshis as a welcome present and you can instantly join a mining pool. Every transaction conducted on is transparent so you won’t have to worry about hidden fees and other unexpected costs. is another cloud mining provider that also has a free and a premium subscription plan. One of their strongest features is that they offer users 2500gh/s, regardless of whether they are premium or free subscribers. They primarily mine altcoins like Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, but also offer Bitcoin mining. Bonuses are included and range from 5gh/s to 50gh/s depending on your subscription plan.

A Few Words Before You Go…

When it comes to the costs of Bitcoin mining – we sympathize with you. If mining was simple and cheap, everybody would have their own mining rig in their basement and enjoy living the good life. And while that’s not possible, there are some interesting alternatives, and that’s what we wanted to share with you – a way for you to get in on the action without having to invest in expensive hardware or overload your electricity budget. 

We’ve shared with you several different ways in which you can earn some free crypto, whether you do it with faucets, Bitcoin games, or cloud mining. It remains up to you to choose your preferred method and dive into the world of free cryptocurrency.