Trust Accelerator Acquired by Crypto Wisdom

In February 2022, Crypto Wisdom decided to acquire Trust Accelerator and continue their great work. 

The innovation behind Blockchain begins with the fact that no central entity owns or controls the systems. All its data is stored across a global network of computers.

We are commited to advancing Blockchain technology through investing in a number of cutting edge innovative projects. There is a social and political war happening in the field of blockchain technology and we strive to bridge the gap through a number of means.

Corruption and broken institutions, frustrate many efforts by elected leaders, civil society organizations, aid agencies, and the private sector that work on development and better governance.

Blockchain Technology

lockchain technology has the potential to help address some of these persistent issues hampering better governance and the reduction of poverty.

Monitoring Supply Chains

Whether it is registering and securing identity, assets such as land titles, emsuring more transparent elections, or monitoring supply chains in aid delivery, the Blockchain is going to change the landscape in the 21st century.

Corruption Erodes

Corruption erodes trust, institutions and the rule of law. According to Global Financial Integrity (GFI), roughly $1 trillion flows out of developing countries each year due to corruption.

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